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Cheap Magazine Printing – Learn How to Save Big on Magazine Printing

In this post, Checkout Saver will teach you where to find cheap magazine printing and provide a comparison of the top magazine printing shops. You might be surprised at the differences in price, and depending on your needs, these tricks can save you thousands when you decide to start printing!

But there’s one store that stands out among all the rest, and claims some impressive savings:

cheap magazine printing

Keep reading to find out the savings giant in the cheap magazine printing industry! (Or just click the image above, because we’re not a horrible marketing company like everyone else). Checkout Saver is an independent small business just trying to save you a ton of money! Please support us! – They Claim to Be Cheaper Than All Other Major Companies

This is the company behind the graphic above – The cheapest option you’ll find here are 5,000 8-page magazines coming to $1517.

cheap magazine printing price breakdown

Don’t need 5,000 magazines? Here are some other options

A minimum order quantity of 5,000 magazines is a lot, but does bring the price down to $.30 / magazine.

If you only need a few magazines, or less than 5k, you’ll pay a bit more per unit but won’t have such a sizeable total cost.

At you can order a single magazine for as low as $12.59. There are a few other discounts that can apply to that total as well, like the coupon code ‘PRINTIVITY20’.

cheap magazine printing saddle stitching

Binding Choices Can Have a Big Impact on Price

Do you need Saddle Stitching, Perfect Binding, or another specialty need?

Perfect Binding is more expensive and typically has a higher minimum page requirement, like 30 minimum pages compared to Saddle Stitching, which can have just a few (4-8) pages or more.

The base offer at is a 30 Page Perfect Binding magazine for $18.56 vs a 4 Page Saddle Stitch for $12.59.

Additional Options to Consider which Affect the Price of Cheap Magazine Printing

Coating, Gloss, UV Rays, Covers, Binding, Paper, and Page Count will all affect pricing and it can be a pain to compare your specific needs across all printers. Narrow down the cheapest option that fits your needs based on general categories like quantity of magazines needed and page count. Hopefully the additional items will be comparably cheaper with that option as well.

Direct Mailing – Will you be shipping all the magazines to a single address, or do you need the printer to handle distribution as well?

Freight – Shipping costs can vary widely based on quantity, shipping method, and direct mailing.

It’s Important to Shop Around to Get the Cheapest Magazine Printing Possible

Despite some top-results claiming to have the cheapest prices, specials and prices vary year-round and to get the best deal you’ll need to evaluate all possible options. For instance, here’s the current pricing for, which is $121 cheaper than the “guaranteed” cheapest option! (Prices compared for 80lb Paper x 5000 units)

And keep on scrolling through a few more results, and you may find an option $300 cheaper than that at!

cheapest magazine printing

For All Your Other Printing Needs

Need other things printed besides magazines? Like magnets, stickers, business cards, etc? We’ll save you the trouble: check out We even support Cashback at GotPrint, so you can save additional money when you shop (the bonus is about 3x more for first time customers!).

Don’t Forget About Your Local Printers!!!

If you live in anything of a city, there’s very likely a printer in your area and they’d LOVE to have your business.

I get it, it can be a hassle to have to drive to a place in person or god forbid call them on the phone, but you’ll be able to work out deals locally you can’t get anywhere else. Plus, you’re helping a family in your area.

I supported a local printer 5 years ago to create business cards, and while they weren’t perfect they had character and were cheap, and I was given a tour around the entire printing shop by the owner. It was really neat to see these impossible machines you won’t see anywhere else, and it never would have happened if I didn’t support a local business.

Same thing when you support Checkout Saver – right now, EVERYTHING here is run just by me, out of my own pocket, and I lost 70k+ of my own money last year getting this up and running. We have no investors and we only make money when we save you money, so please consider taking a look at the site and signing up. You can earn cashback at thousands of stores, and save tons of money with coupons and discount gift cards. Your support would absolutely mean the world and you can reach me directly anytime at [email protected].