How It Works

We're going to help you save money using three methods. This page will help explain how Checkout Saver works.

When you visit a retailer through the Checkout Saver portal, you're actually being redirected using an affiliate link. When you make a purchase, the retailer pays Checkout Saver a commission, and we pass almost all of the cashback on to you.

The Checkout Saver browser extension will also alert you at checkout if there is a discount gift card or unique coupon that can be purchased and applied to checkout to save you money.

The browser extension will alert you on the checkout page of dozens of retailers if there is a discount gift card available. If there is, you can effortlessly buy a discounted gift card and have it autofilled into the checkout page to save you money. For example, at the extension may alert you if Checkout Saver has a $25 Gift Card available for $20.

We'll also alert you if there is a Unique Coupon available for purchase. Another user may have a coupon for sale that can only be used once, worth 20% off. You can buy it to save money, paying a portion of the savings to the coupon seller.

Checkout Saver is independent and modern - not only have we invented ways to save you money, we proudly value your privacy and never sell your data. We earn small commissions from most transactions, but the vast majority is paid out to the user - low overhead means more savings passed on to you. We'll always be 100% Free for Shoppers, the only time you can spend money is buying a gift card or coupon which will ultimately save you more than the cost of it.

Never used Checkout Saver before?

It's easy, here's what you do.



Sign Up for a free account, then install the browser extension.



Use Checkout Saver to navigate to one of our thousand connected retailers, like Amazon or Walmart, and shop as you normally would.



Using our link you'll earn Cashback, and we'll alert you at checkout if you can use a Discount Gift Card or Unique Coupon to save even more. You can pay $20 to have a $25 gift card applied to lower your checkout total and save $5.



Share how awesome it is combining three ways to save money, and we'll pay you $5 for everyone you refer.



Once you've earned at least $10, you can withdraw funds to your PayPal or receive a Gift Card. OR use your account balance to buy gift cards and coupons at checkout!

Coming Soon

Our best features are coming soon, and we need your support to bring them to life!

Discount Gift Cards

Buy discounted gift cards and have them filled into the checkout page with one click.

Sell unwanted gift cards at the best rates. Fast. Safe. Secure.

One-Time Coupons

A whole new way to use coupons. Sell coupons you won't use or buy coupons you can't find anywhere else.

Either way, you'll end up with more money!