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It Pays to Know about Cashback Websites

In this guide we compare the top Cashback Websites and teach you how to squeeze the most value out of them. You’re probably going to learn a few new tricks that you can immediately apply to start saving hundreds of dollars more per year.

For any newcomers, cashback websites are sites that have affiliate partnerships with thousands of brands and they pay you cash back when you earn them commission. Let’s use Checkout Saver as an example because I heard it’s the best one. You make an account and click Activate Cashback to land at a retailer’s site, like Walmart.

When you make a purchase, Walmart pays Checkout Saver commission for sending them a sale. In return, Checkout Saver passes the majority of that commission on to you in the form of Cash Back deposited into your Checkout Saver account. We keep a very small percentage of the commission to keep the lights on, and your support is helping a small business change lives.

Now that you know how the process works, let’s compare the top sites.

Cashback Site Comparisons


Honey is one of the most popular cashback sites thanks in part to it’s seemingly infinite marketing budget. You’ve probably been pestered by their annoying ads at some point. That doesn’t happen with Checkout Saver because our marketing budget is like $300/mo.

Their extension is clean, crisp, beautiful. They support thousands of stores and offer cashback and coupons. They offer price tracking, notification, and history for some items which is really handy.


Honey was sold in 2020 to PayPal, and for $4 Billion.

Do you think they need more of your business and money? If you’re not familiar, PayPal doesn’t have the greatest track record for humanitarian efforts. They recently paid out a $25 million dollar lawsuit for tricking users into signing up for services they didn’t want or pocketing more fines and late fees than they were entitled to. Give one of the smaller guys a chance 🙂

Honey also lacks support for coupon buying / selling, and you’re probably all too familiar with their notification telling you you’ve got the best deal… because none of their coupons work.

Checkout Saver is introducing a whole new couponing system where you’re able to buy unique, one-time use coupons right at checkout from our browser extension. This provides you with a guaranteed coupon when no others are available.


If you’ve ever been to their website you’ll recognize the following image because they haven’t updated their homepage in like a decade.

TopCashBack is one of the highest paying cashback websites in existence with a large membership base (15 Million+) and over 4,000 retailers supported.

TopCashback’s differentiator is their cashback amount – every other site takes a commission (varying from razor thin like Checkout Saver or a huge chunk of your cash) to fund their business. TopCashback doesn’t keep any of the base commission and passes it along to you… with a bunch of ads and promotions – that’s how they make their money. Brands may also pay bonuses and incentives to TopCashback which pads their bottom line as well.

They’ve also got a 4 star browser extension on Chrome with lots of users.

While they may be best in class for cashback rates they don’t seem to offer other ways to save, or at least coupons are tough to find. They aren’t marketed in any graphic for the extension and browsing their website I don’t see any coupons or gift cards supported at any retailer.

Ultimately, not taking advantage of another platform with a host of features is going to lose you a lot of money. Combine cashback, gift cards, and coupons with a savings platform like Checkout Saver.

Checkout Saver

Checkout Saver is the only independent small business of all the cashback platforms. It’s a platform built for you, to save you as much as possible and help you live a more prosperous life. Checkout Saver combines more ways for you to save than any other platform, some that we invented and we’re the first to bring to market.

We’re independent, and the first to do things right in the industry. We respect your privacy and don’t sell any of your information. We’re a super small business committed to demonstrated how a business should be run. Fair wages, carbon neutral, makes money by looking out for consumers and saving them tons of money, delivers world class financial education to brighten your financial future.

Checkout Saver is the only cashback site to combine cashback, coupons, discount gift cards, and purchasable coupons.

With all these features, you’ll be equipped to save tons of money. Make it all happen automatically with the Checkout Saver browser extension for Chrome.

Stack savings methods to get the greatest savings, guaranteed. First, start with Cashback. Login to Checkout Saver, find your retailer, and click Activate Cashback. Boom. Your entire order will earn cashback, let’s say 6%.

Next, try to apply all the free coupons. You may get lucky and save a ton, but keep a backup plan incase you strike out. See if Checkout Saver has a unique one-time-use coupon code that you can purchase to save money. You might be able to buy a $20 off coupon for $5!


Once you’ve applied cashback and your coupons, it’s time to make them pay. Make sure to pay for at least part of the order using a discount gift card. You could buy a $50 card for $45 and instantly save $5 when you apply it at checkout.


Put the remaining balance of the order on your favorite cashback credit card to squeak out an extra 2-5% cashback. All in all, you can realistically start saving 10-30% on most orders at top retailers.

Also, nobody has an adorable little fox for a mascot like we do. What should we name him?

Experience World Class Support with Checkout Saver

I personally handle every inquiry sent into the business by our users. Your suggestions help keep this little project going!

I respond to every single person that writes in, so message me at [email protected].

Checkout Saver has the best customer support of any cashback website out there. We give you the benefit of the doubt and help you track back cashback if something goes wrong, or we pay you out of our own pocket! I’m so happy to pay users a little bonus anytime they help me uncover something that needs to be fixed.


Why even bother writing about another site after explaining how amazing Checkout Saver is? Word count, mostly.

Yet another billion dollar multinational conglomerate who treats you like the product. I don’t know about you, but when a corporation claims to be able to reach me anytime, anywhere, it kind of creeps me out. They pretty much air it out in the open that they gladly sell your data to advertisers trying to suck more dollars out of your pocket.

In addition to harvesting your personal information like organs in a back alley, they also offer cashback and coupons!

All jokes aside, they do a great job at what they’ve set out to do. They’ve got lots of coupons, wide-spread store support, and cashback at thousands of retailers.

They’ve even got a really clean browser extension which alerts you to savings inline with your natural shopping process.

But at the end of the day remember, this one is another big business set out to be as profitable as possible, and they’ll use you to make that happen. DO THE RIGHT THING AND USE CHECKOUT SAVER.