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The Truth about the Honey Extension

The truth about the Honey Extension is… It’s pretty awesome. And I say that as a direct competitor, which is tough. But as good as it is, by the end of this article you’ll be installing the Checkout Saver browser extension – and for good reason.

The Honey Extension is available for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. They’ve even got a mobile app – laudy da. And while the Checkout Saver Extension is currently only available for Chrome, we’ve got some things they lack. Like charisma, outstanding personalized quirky customer support, and SOUL baby! Most importantly, hopefully, we’ve got your support.

You see, Checkout Saver is an independent small business. Super small. As in, only me and my nephews for now, funded by throwing my life savings at it and not turning a profit yet. But damnit if we won’t succeed by sheer will and the support of lovely people like yourself.

First, let’s discuss some Amazing Honey Extension Features

The Honey Extension really knocks it out of the park with some world-class features.

They’ve got price tracking on tons of items at Amazon and some other stores. This is really helpful to try to identify trends, or to check pricing during “sales” to see if that 20% is actually a good deal, or if that price was raised 20% right before the sale…

Like Price Tracking!

Price tracking can help you avoid scalpers and make sure you buy at the cheapest, so I find it to be a really helpful feature.

Need to know the price history of a Ski Mask, for no reason in particular? Honey’s got you covered. The helpful tab on the right can be expanded to show you a chart of recent 30 day price history, so you can rob that bank on a budget.

honey extension price tracking

I’ve found that they have extensive price history for products, which they seem to focus on because of how much of the market Amazon has. This also helps compensate for the notorious lack of coupons at Amazon.

The Honey Extension Cashback Feature

It’s pretty wonderful. If you don’t know the deal yet, read some other articles in the blog to understand what cashback is and how it works. Honey supports thousands of stores and has some of the most partnerships in the industry (just like Checkout Saver!).

The Honey Extension will automatically pop up on supported cashback sites, which admittedly can get a little annoying. Thankfully, the Checkout Saver extension doesn’t do that. It’s supposed to, but it’s a little broken right now, so enjoy the peaceful popup-less shopping experience of Checkout Saver.

The cashback you earn with Honey is called Honey Gold. Earn 1,000 Gold and you can redeem it for a $10 gift card.

That’s an area where Checkout Saver has an edge – we don’t limit you to just gift card withdrawals. We’ll pay you via PayPal, Bitcoin, Western Union, Bank Transfer, whatever you want.

They support over 5,500+ stores. While that may seem like every store out there, some retailers have specific rules and don’t allow your friendly neighborhood cashback platform to offer you cashback there. For instance, take a look at Nike – it’s kind of strange to see such a big brand without cashback supported.

Honey Sold for 4 Billion to PayPal

They don’t need your support. I do. I am one person starting a grass roots savings platform to take on these giant competitors. You have my word, I will see your cashback, I’ll personally deliver it, it will make a difference in my life and it will put extra money back in your pocket. Don’t believe me – email me at [email protected]. I write back to every single person who writes me.

I’m not sure if you have much experience with PayPal. Many of those that do are familiar with the frustrations of the platform and how unfair it can be. I’ve personally been the victim of fraud payments which weren’t ruled in my favor, my account being shutdown unjustly, and having to supply loads of identity documents just to do business. It’s not Checkout Saver’s vision of a company that fights for the people. By supporting Checkout Saver, you are voting for yourself, that you deserve respect and a fair platform and financial independence. Sign up for a free account today.

When Honey sold to Paypal in 2020 their 350 employees transferred as well. To read more about the acquisition click here.

Coupons in the Honey Browser Extension

Coupons in the Honey extension are really cool – click the button and they handle the rest. The extension will cycle through known coupons, auto typing them into the coupon field and checking which gets the biggest discount.

If you’ve never done it before, it’s really a site to behold.

The Honey extension doesn’t get all the glory though – it can hide coupon codes from you and at times it can be really handy to know all the codes. Checkout Saver is upfront with all our coupon codes. We don’t even hide them behind a button/link to click like every other site – you can read our coupons in clear text right on the site or in the extension!

Check out the following screenshot to see what I mean – other sites force you to click their links and install their cookies to reveal the coupon code. At Checkout Saver, we don’t hate you. We give you the option to see the code, or if you want to support us, click to copy it.

Droplist – Get notified when there’s a price drop

This feature is pretty handy as well. If you add something to a wishlist in Amazon Honey will keep checking on the item and let you know when the price drops.

It’s pretty similar to the price history tracker except this one keeps working for you, notifying you when the price has dropped.

Features in Checkout Saver that aren’t in the Honey Extension, or any other extension in existence

1) Buying Coupons

Checkout Saver is a pioneer in the savings world. We’re the first to offer unique coupons which can be bought and sold, including store credit! Learn more about buying coupons and selling coupons / store credit.

2) Selling Coupons

Does Honey let you sell coupons in the extension? Didn’t think so. Does Checkout Saver? Also no, BUT SOON!

Coupon selling is rapidly becoming supported on the site, making Checkout Saver the first platform to let you sell your high value coupons to make some extra cash.

This is a great side hustle to earn extra income on coupons you’re not going to use, or expire before you’d be able to use them. That’s why I started Checkout Saver – I was getting really high value, unique coupon codes that would expire in a few weeks. I wanted a platform to sell them, realize none existed, and made my own!

3) Buying Discount Gift Cards

I’m so excited to have just brought this feature to life. Now, in the Checkout Saver Browser Extension, you can automatically buy-and-apply discount gift cards to your checkout.

The extension will automatically pop up at supported retailers and notify you if a discount gift card is available. You can buy the card right there in the extension using your account balance, PayPal, credit card, or… super futuristic technology I go into in feature 6!

4) Selling Discount Gift Cards

Selling Discount Gift Cards has never been easier, or more profitable. We take lower commissions than any other commercial gift card buyer out there. Just another perk of supporting a small business.

5) Withdrawing Earnings as Bitcoin

No other savings platform in the world is paying users in Bitcoin for shopping at retailers. Except for Checkout Saver.

Any earnings you make using Checkout Saver can be withdrawn as crypto currency, thanks to integrations with crypto payment processors. Want to earn .00002 Bitcoin for that ski mask you just purchased? Great news, we’ve got you covered. Want it paid out in one of 50 other crypto currencies? Not a problem – we offer withdrawals to tons of crypto currencies!

6) Purchasing Gift Cards and Coupons with Bitcoin

Remember all that awesome stuff we were saying about buying gift cards and coupons at checkout to save tons of money? Well now you can pay for them with Bitcoin!!! This is truly a revolution in the industry bringing you an easy, streamlined method to spend your bitcoin at thousands of stores (by buying a gift card for that store with your coins!)

Learn more.