The Checkout Saver Browser Extension will soon let you buy coupons right when you need them


The Ability to Buy Coupons Will Change Shopping Forever

Enable Extra Savings with the ability to Buy Coupons using the Checkout Saver Browser Extension.
In addition to free, publicly available coupons, Checkout Saver lets you buy coupons that other members are selling. If they can't use a high-yield, one-time use coupon they'll sell it to you, and in return you'll save even more money when you apply the coupon at checkout.

One-Time Coupons

Some of the best coupons we get go to waste - they're unique and have a fantastic discount, but often expire soon before we can use them.

What if there was a way to buy these coupons from other people? With a large enough order total, it makes perfect sense to pay someone $5 for their coupon which will save you $20.

Buy Coupons Using The Extension (Soon)

With the browser extension installed you'll receive automatic alerts when you arrive at a supported retailer's website where we have coupons available.

In addition to codes available for you to try for free, we'll also offer guaranteed, unique coupons which you won't find anywhere else. These coupons aren't available to the public, and were provided to us from someone else who received the coupon but wanted to sell it instead.

Buy a Coupon, Save BIG

Buying coupons allows you a guaranteed method to save additional money when nothing else is working. While we may not have general, free coupons for a given site, we may well have an exclusive coupon you can buy.

They'll always be available for purchase at a price LESS than what you'd save, so Buy a $5 Coupon to Save 10% off your cart of $200. This let's you save money, and let's us pay the coupon seller and take a small fee for bringing you both this service.


Learn more about Buying Coupons

Why are you able to buy coupons with Checkout Saver?

Because we're the first to create a platform which enables people to recycle unwanted coupons and store credit!

We connect sellers who have coupons they can't use with buyers who can buy a coupon which discounts their checkout total by a greater amount.
Buying coupons is just one of many ways the Checkout Saver browser extension saves you money.

You can purchase and apply a coupon, then buy a discounted gift card and instantly save money, and then earn cashback on your purchase sent to your Checkout Saver account.

Combine more savings than ever with the Checkout Saver browser extension.
Not only are you able to buy coupons for the first time using Checkout Saver, you're also supporting a small business determined to make the world a better place.
Have a unique coupon you want to sell?

Visit our page on selling coupons, here.

If you haven't noticed, we're the first company to try to save you money and pay you in so many ways.

Here’s What our Members are Saying

"Great extension that works with a lot of stores! Super simple, it just pops up when I'm on a website it works with, click to activate and I'm saving money!"

Jessica W.


"Since privacy is important to me I appreciate their commitment to keeping my info mine. Super easy to use and really does save a lot of money."

Dan M.


"Love being able to save money effortlessly! Many of my favorite stores are listed and im already saving tons of money!"

Cristina B.




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