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Sell Gift Cards for Top Dollar

Sell your gift card for the most money at Checkout Saver.

Because we’re independent, there’s less overhead and less cost associated with the service of saving consumers money. That means we can afford to give you better prices for your gift cards, and when we sell it to someone as they’re shopping, they’ll be able to save more money. Other services take a 12% commission for selling your card, and that’s before you list it below face value so that it actually sells!

That means the seller of the gift card above gets ($43.62 – 12% commission) only $38.39 for a $50 gift card! The cost of listing it on the marketplace was $5.23, and the purchaser saves $6.38.


We can afford to take a much smaller commission for the service, which means Checkout Saver buys gift cards for the highest prices. Because we have a large user base of people saving money with Cashback and One Time Coupons, gift cards get listed and sold very quickly. This works to completely eliminate fraud in the marketplace.

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Our service provides the gift card to the consumer during check out, meaning we sell gift cards that are immediately consumed at purchase. Sellers list their cards, Checkout Saver sells it to a consumer who uses it at checkout, gift card balance is verified, consumed, and paid for, and Checkout Saver releases payment to the seller. By using our patented process, we reduce charge-backs and fees in order to provide you with the best prices possible.