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One Time Coupon

What are One-Time Coupons? (aka Stop Throwing Away Coupons and Sell Them!)

When we think of coupons, codes like “FREESHIP”, “XMAS18”, or “SAVE5” may come to mind. We may not readily recognize the raw untapped power of the One-Time Coupon.


I’m talking about coupons that are often personalized to incentivize repeat purchases, like “JANE528510” which expires in a month, or after its used. At Checkout Saver, we’re offering the ability to sell that coupon for cash, to someone who needs it.

One Time Coupon


List your coupons and Checkout Saver will offer them to buyers at checkout, strategically optimizing transaction which will yield both the greatest money for the seller, and the most savings for the buyer. Once a buyer consumes your coupon, you’ll get paid for your coupon.


Buyers can install the browser extension and shop normally – Checkout Saver seamlessly integrates into the background and only becomes active when a deal is available. If you’re at the checkout page of a supported retailer and the icon flashes, you may be able to buy a discount coupon.


Checkout Saver will offer the greatest coupon available for purchase with your credit card or account balance. A 10% coupon may be able to be used, and purchased for 5%. You’ll end up saving 5%, checkout saver will take a small commission for the sale, and the seller of the coupon will get paid cash for their coupon.