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Use Discount Gift Cards to Save Money

Did you know the global gift cards market was $320 Million in 2017? Gift cards are exchanged and redeemed constantly, and there’s an easy way to save a decent bit of money by using them.

Use gift cards to save money

Discount gift cards are sold by people who’d rather have cash than a gift card, and are willing to sell it at a slight discount to receive cash instead. Consumers can buy discount gift on online marketplaces and save money at their favorite retailers. However, the checkout process takes time while the consumer pays and waits to receive the card in email. Even worse, a card buyer may try to consume the value on a retailer, and find out the seller of the card already used it, and sold a worthless card.

Checkout Saver is revolutionizing the gift card industry. By creating an account and installing the browser extension, users can save money when they shop online using discount gift cards. At checkout, the browser extension icon will indicate if a gift card is available for the current site. An easy menu allows you to quickly purchase a card at a discount, say a $50 card for $45. Your credit card on file is charged for the price of the card, and the details of the card are automatically entered into the checkout form. With a click of a button, you can save money using discount gift cards.
My favorite gift card example applies to ordering food online, pizza for instance. Traditionally, you’d go to a gift card marketplace like, see if any cards are available, and purchase one. This is taking time, and your hunger intensifies. Now you’re stuck waiting for a gift card to arrive in your inbox before you place your order, before you ultimately cave and place the order before the email arrives.
Now, it’s a month later and you’re ready to use your gift card (which arrived moments after you placed your order, of course) and you find out it’s worthless! The seller of the card sold it to you, and then used the card for themselves!
Checkout Saver solves these problems by seamlessly integrating the gift card purchase with the checkout process. At checkout, the extension allows you to purchase a discount gift card using your checkout saver account. Each card is verified before it’s sold, then is automatically inserted it into the checkout form to be used with your purchase.
$30 pizza, meet $25 gift card which cost $20.
You just saved $5 of tip money. You win, the delivery driver wins, and there’s pizza. Life’s good.