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A Browser Extension that Destroys Shopping Cart Prices in Three Ways

A browser extension is a lightweight piece of software that runs in the background of your browser. Checkout Saver is a platform which saves you money when you shop online using cashback, discount gift cards, and one-time coupons. Combine the two, and you have a money-saving machine automatically working for you in three ways when you shop online, for free.
After you’ve installed the browser extension (coming soon), you can shop as you normally would. The extension icon will notify you whenever a way to save money is identified.
Click the icon to display the menu, and see how many ways you can save money. Activate each available tool to save money, using the click of a button. While we’re just getting started, you’ll eventually be able to use a combination of all three tools to create massive discounts at your favorite retailers.
Click Cashback to visit the site through the Checkout Saver Portal – using our affiliate link, we’ll redirect you to the site, get paid, and pass cashback on to you.
If a discount gift card is available, click to purchase it right at checkout. Your credit card will be charged by Checkout Saver and the gift card information will be filled into the checkout form. Finish the transaction, and the gift card will have saved you some bucks. For instance, your order at was $60, and Checkout Saver had a $50 e-gift card available for $45. You’d buy the gift card for $45, and pay a remaining $10 to Walmart, a total of $55, saving you $5 overall.
If a one-time coupon is available, you can purchase the code for a percentage of your transaction total, and the coupon discount will save you money. If you buy a 10% off coupon and pay 5% for it, you’ll end up saving 5% on your transaction.
If you use all three methods, you’ll save money using Cashback, Discount Gift Cards, and One-Time Coupons. That could realistically be 5% + 10% + 15%+ at big box retailers – imagine saving 30% every time you shopped!!

Cashback can even be stacked – meaning you can use Checkout Saver to earn say 4% on your purchase, while using a credit card with points or cashback to pay for the purchase. You can always use your credit card to earn a base 2% cashback, and activate Checkout Saver to earn additional cashback paid into your account.

You’ll collect cash in your Checkout Saver account, and once you’ve earned $10 you can withdraw via PayPal or Gift Card (more options coming soon… bitcoin!?)