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Welcome to Checkout Saver

Hello and welcome to the Checkout Saver Blog! My name is Justin and I’ve spent too much time looking for coupon codes or buying discount gift cards to get the best deal. I had the idea of creating a marketplace to trade unique, one-time coupon codes to others who could use them. This was the driving concept for Checkout Saver, and the final product became a blend of that idea as well asĀ  a few other techniques to save more money than ever before.


Checkout Saver is a tool to aid your financial independence journey by offering an easy way to save massive money. My hope is that by reading this blog, you can arm yourself with tactics not taught anywhere else to get the most out of your money. (Sign up for our newsletter, so you don’t miss any posts!) Our software helps you save more money using proprietary techniques, as well as generate passive income by inviting friends or selling coupons and gift cards.


In this blog, we’ll discuss a range of topics to broaden your mind and prepare you for financial freedom. We’ll provide unique insight into various investment vehicles like 401k’s and Roth IRA’s, budgets, saving techniques, side hustles, cryptocurrency, tips on staying safe and secure online, and more. We’ll also share some behind-the-scenes action on what it’s like starting a business, to help motivate you to do the same!



I hope you’ll find Checkout Saver essential in your journey towards financial independence. Our software is unique in that it will offer new techniques to save money at checkout, that will be completely compatible with your other money-saving browser extensions. Eventually, we’re going to pack so many features into this free service, you’ll realistically be able to save 20% on many online transactions using cashback, discount gift cards, and coupons. But, we’re self-funded and operated, so we’ll need your support to develop all those cool features! Your input is critical, and you can write us, here: Contact Us.


This is the people’s blog, and meant for anyone who could use some extra pocket change (heck, even substantial side income). This platform is meant for entrepreneurs and mom’s, personal finance enthusiasts to people looking to help make the world a better place, and often a combination of the above. Come learn how to save a little extra, make a little extra, and stress a little less with Checkout Saver.