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How to Buy Gift Cards with Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin

You’ve decided to cash in on some HODL’ings and you’d like to buy a gift card with bitcoin, letting you essentially spend cryptocurrency at any store online. Very clever – and it’s no coincidence our mascot is a fox… I think we can work together on this one.

buy discount gift cards using crypto
Buy Gift Cards with Bitcoin – Checkout Saver

It’s pretty simple – we sell gift cards at a discount and soon we’ll offer cryptocurrency as a payment method. We buy gift cards from other users at less than face value and sell those cards to you. You can also sell your unwanted gift cards and get paid in bitcoin as well.

Buying Gift Cards using Bitcoin

Right now there are two ways to buy discount gift cards using Bitcoin (we’re building this feature right now, by the time you’re reading this we’ll likely offer the option!).

You can buy gift cards with bitcoin through the browser extension if you’re using Chrome on a computer. It’s by far the easiest way – just install the extension and forget about it. Once you’re at a store with gift cards available the extension will pop up and offer them for purchase.

buy gift cards with bitcoin
Buy a $10 Target Gift Card for $8 – Payable in Bitcoin

Select the value card you’d like to purchase and proceed with payment using bitcoin, or dozens of other cryptocurrencies.

You can also buy gift cards using cryptocurrency on

What stores can I buy gift cards at using crypto?

We sell gift cards for Walmart, Target, Amazon, The Home Depot, Sears, Costco, Apple, Newegg, Grubhub, and dozens more. Best of all – they’re all cheaper than face value, and you can buy them using your crypto.

buy dozens of gift cards using crypto
Buy Discount Gift Cards using Cryptocurrency!

What is Checkout Saver?

Checkout Saver is an independent and very small business – and we’d love to have you as a customer and save you tons of money!

We’re a saving platform that works by saving you more money than ever when you shop online – using a combination of techniques. We have amazing customer service and the best savings in the industry. We’re very much in startup mode and your support helps grow a small business!

We save shoppers money in more ways than any other platform: cashback, coupons, discount gift cards, unique one-time use coupons, sign on bonuses, referral bonuses, and more! It’s absolutely free to sign up.

Which cryptocurrencies can I convert to gift cards?

We’ll accept dozens of cryptocurrencies here shortly, 50+ with more being added. We’ll offer the ability to buy gift cards using Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Stellar, Cardano, Binance, Ripple, and more!