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Earn Bitcoin Rewards When You Shop Online with Checkout Saver

Hey everyone! Justin, Founder of Checkout Saver here, and I’m doing something that’s never been done before – it’s going to sound impossible at first but I’ll show you exactly how it works and you’ll know exactly how to earn Bitcoin rewards and 50+ other cryptocurrencies as a reward when you shop online. It’s actually super simple – stick with me.

Earning Bitcoin Rewards When You Shop

Maybe you’re already familiar with this step – earning cash back when you shop online. If you’re not, you’re seriously missing out. Millions of people save billions a year by using cashback reward programs like Checkout Saver and Honey.

Ever heard of affiliate marketing? It’s where you agree to be a brand ambassador and the brand pays you commission for every sale you send their way. Companies devote their biggest budgets towards Marketing and often spend hundreds of dollars to onboard new users and exert monumental efforts to convert those users into paying customers.

It’s much more profitable for those companies to have someone else do the advertising and just pay a small percentage on any additional sales they drive.

That’s where the cashback rewards come into play. Checkout Saver is an affiliate with thousands of brands, and when you use our links the retailer tracks the sale and gives us commission for referring you. We just turn around and pass on almost all of that commission to you. We keep just a little bit of the commission and that’s how we make our money – we don’t ever sell your info or anything like that.

Once the brand pays us for the sale we deposit the cashback into your Checkout Saver account… now get ready to turn these rewards into cryptocurrency.

Turning Those Rewards Into Cryptocurrency

You’re thrilled about earning cashback for things you’re already shopping for, and now you’ve earned some cashback that’s sitting in your Checkout Saver account… So how does it turn into crypto?

We currently offer PayPal and Gift Cards as withdrawal options, but within a few months (probably by the time you read this post), we’ll support the option to withdraw your account balance to dozens of cryptocurrencies.

Once you’ve accumulated $10 you’ll be able to withdraw your balance for Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Stellar (XLM), Cardano (ADA), Polkadot (DOT), Binance (BNB), NEO, and more.

You’ll select which crypto currency you’re interested in on the Withdraw page in your Checkout Saver account. Provide the wallet address you’d like to deliver funds to, select the amount (I’m guessing your entire balance), and boom! You’ve just earned cryptocurrency for shopping online – look at you, star performer.

We’re The First To Offer You Cryptocurrency for Shopping Online

Checkout Saver is so unique in so many ways, like being a very small business but the first to bring you huge features like earning cryptocurrency for shopping online.

Thanks to new cryptocurrency technology like Coingate we can integrate with a payment processor to get you paid in cryptocurrency rather than the usual Check, PayPal, or Gift Card options.

We’re also the first to offer you exclusive one-time use coupons available for purchase, and of course you can sell us your coupons too!

How Else Can I Earn Cryptocurrency with Checkout Saver?

Shopping online and earning cryptocurrency is only one of the ways you can pad your cryptocurrency accounts.

We’ll pay you in cryptocurrency (or PayPal/Gift Cards if you’re feeling traditional) for any coupons and gift cards you can sell us.

Yep, we’ll be the first platform to pay you in cryptocurrency for gift cards. Instead of selling them for cash or other gift cards this is a great way to offload your unwanted cards for sweet, sweet crypto.

If you want to learn more about buying/selling coupons, check out:

Which Stores Can I Earn Bitcoin At When I Shop There?

Thousands. Not directly, but by using Checkout Saver we’ve made it possible out of sheer will and spaghetti code.

If you’d like to see a list of stores head to the All Stores page where you can view over 2,000+ stores we offer cashback, coupons, and discount gift cards for.

Any store that we offer Cashback at will allow you to withdraw your earnings to cryptocurrency.

Which Crypto Currencies are Supported for Cash Back Withdraws?

It’ll depend on which gateway we use, but we’re considering Coingate which will allow you to withdraw your cashback to over 50 different cryptocurrencies.

Any Catches? How Do I Get Started?

Hopefully what sounded outlandish at first now seems a bit more understandable, but you may still be wondering if there’s a catch. I’m happy to report that there aren’t any. Checkout Saver is a super small business founded by an individual with a dream to save everyone tons of money and be more financially independent. I’m not interested in your personal data and we don’t ever sell or profit off that – you can tell we’re different by how little information we need from you. Pretty much an email and password.

You can sign up for a free account at and we’ll even give you a $5 Bonus when you earn your first cashback as our way of saying thanks for trusting us and supporting a small business.

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