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Top Money Saving Hacks

1 – My favorite money saving hack relates to The White House, or its phone number at least. All over the country, this number is registered with most major retailer reward programs.

Anywhere you go, you can get access to the loyalty program discounts even if you aren’t a local, or if you forget your card. Simply memorize The White House phone number, and provide it when prompted.

Some programs offer pretty good discounts! Using the number, I often received high rewards like $.10/gallon shown above at a gas station in Colorado.

The primary phone number registered in the loyalty programs is 2024561414. While the phone number is valid and actually one in use by The White House, it is typically unrelated individuals who register these reward programs, using a centralized number to avoid giving their personal information.

Alternatively, try the local area code + 867-5309

2 – My second favorite money-saving hack has gotta be the Price Rewind feature from Citi. Any purchase that I make on the card can be monitored for 60 days, and if a lower price is found I automatically get the discount!

Pros – Great way to get the best deal, get cash back on money already spent! $1,000 max savings

Cons – Have to manually enter each purchase to begin the automatic 60-day price watch. $1,000 max savings

3 – Similar to 2, Paribus will scan your emails to track your purchases, and automatically initiates a price-drop safety net as well.

Cons – Privacy concern, letting an app have access to your email

4 – One-Time Coupons are my new favorite thing, and why I started Checkout Saver. It’s an amazing type of coupon which never gets any attention! Now, there is a platform to exchange these coupons for cash, and buy them when you’re checking out to save money!

5 – Discount Gift Cards. Great for saving a couple bucks at most every major online retailer. Checkout Saver also provides gift cards at checkout, cheaper than face value so you can save money, and it automatically inserts it into the page. Before, it would take a long time to get gift cards emailed to you, now it’s instantly provided when you need it at a better deal. Our browser extension will automatically alert you at checkout if a discounted gift card is available, and can charge you + autofill the gift card details into the checkout page.

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6 – Honey is another tool which offers cashback and standard coupons. I love it when there isn’t anything else available, but sooo often all the coupons fail me. Checkout Saver will be filling that gap shortly, providing coupons where Honey cant. Until Checkout Saver grows, Honey will still be a close go-to of mine.

7 – Similarly, has been the reliable gift card marketplace before Checkout Saver. A wide variety of cards are almost always available for major retailers, but sometimes the margin is so thin it’s not worth it (partially because Raise takes a 12% cut). Checkout saver will be able to offer better prices for cards, attracting more profitable arrangements for both buyers and sellers.

8 – Knowledge is really the most valuable resource, and The Penny Hoarder (TPH) puts out some fantastic content. There is an enormous variety of content available, and the majority of it they don’t attempt to monetize – meaning you get more meaningful information, faster. I’d definitely recommend checking them out to expand your financial expertise.

9 – You may already have a savings account, but is it earning you any interest? Most big banks like Chase or BoA are offering a pittance – only .01%APY. An online savings account like Marcus or from CiT could earn you 200 times more than what you’re currently earning!

10 – Track your spending! This is a must – you can’t manage what you can’t measure. I recommend Mint, which is a great source to consolidate all your accounts into one place. It provides everything you need to track your spending, and finding out where you spend your money is the first step in the journey to creating a budget.

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