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Cheap Flower Delivery – Top Store Comparison

Here we compare the Top Cheap Flower Delivery Stores. Sending flowers is a beautiful way to let someone know you’re thinking of them, when you can’t be there in person.

Many online florists take advantage of situations like Mother’s day and Valentines day and charge exorbitant amounts of money to deliver even a simple bouquet.

Knowing where to order cheap flower delivery from can save you tons of money.


You’ve certainly heard of these guys, they are one of the largest online flower delivery providers in the US.

They have one of the broadest selections of flowers, assortments and gifts. I’ve personally used them a few times, and you can get some decent stuff for around $50-$60, but rarely did the flowers look like the pictures, and discounts were hard to find.

1-800-FLORALS – notice the similarity?

While it has a near identical name to 1800Flowers, there’s a big reason why 1-800-FLORALS is different. Namely, they are supported by Checkout Saver and we will pay you 15% cashback for any arrangements you purchase there.

Click through our portal to 1-800-FLORALS and you’ll earn 15% Cashback on your purchase, paid back to your Checkout Saver account.

Another fantastic cheap flower delivery service which is partnered with Checkout Saver.

Earn 16.50% cashback on any purchases here. – Free Same Day Flower Delivery

One of the best features of is no extra charge for same day delivery. This is a lifesaver, because it’s where the other merchants will gouge you – same day flower delivery service is where prices can start making your head spin.

Fortunately, that’s not the case at FlowersFast. In fact, it’s quite the opposite, because not only do they offer free same day delivery, we’ll even pay you an additional 15% cashback for your purchase there.

FTD Flowers – The Original Flower Delivery Service

FTD was amongst the first to provide cheap flower delivery having been founded in 1910.

Today, they still offer great bouquets at great prices. Partnered with more than 35 thousand florists, they’re bound to deliver to your area.

Make Cheap Flower Delivery Even Cheaper with Discount Gift Cards

The gift card marketplace is full of opportunities to save even more on your floral arrangement.

Somewhere out there, someone received a gift card to 1800Flowers, and they’d rather have cash than order an arrangement. Checkout Saver finds these people and buys their gift cards at a discount, which we then provide to you in order for you to save!

Buy gift cards at

Let’s say Alice has a $25 gift card to 1800Flowers and she sells it to Checkout Saver for $19. Once you’ve installed our browser extension you’ll get an automatic alert when you arrive at 1800Flowers allowing you to buy the $25 gift card for $20.

How Do I Earn Cashback When Ordering Cheap Flower Delivery?

It sounds too good to be true but I assure you it’s not – we’ll really pay you around 15% cashback when you buy flowers from one of our partners.

It works like this: We refer you to a flower delivery service using an affiliate link, and when you make a purchase we get paid commission. We then turn around and give most of that commission to you.

It’s that simple – the more we save you, the more we earn.

Speaking of simple, we’ve recently launched our browser extension that makes the process a breeze. Either search for your favorite store through the extension, or visit the store on your own and the extension will alert you if you can earn cashback, or if there are any coupons and discount gift cards.