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Easy Money Hacks and Tips – From a Real Hacker

Hey I’m Justin and I’m a professional ethical hacker, and I’m also the founder of Checkout Saver – a site dedicated to saving you extreme amounts of money when you shop online.

I’ve saved tens of thousands of dollars in recent years, have made 8,000% gains on trades, and now I’ve built a savings platform that saves you extreme amounts of money. In this blog I disclose my favorite Easy Money Hacks that can save you tons of money.

Easy Money Hack #1 – Shared Loyalty Accounts

This is one of my all-time favorites. People register loyalty accounts, like those that give you a members discount, at stores all across the US using well-known numbers for people to share.

Example: The cult classic song by Tommy Tutone left us more than a jingle to get stuck in our heads for decades – we were given the secret weapon for savings programs around the country.

How Tommy Tutone Gave Us The One Number We'll Always Remember

Using the local area code, or if you don’t know it then 000 or 123, as in 123-867-5309 has literally saved me thousands of dollars with rewards programs and the like over the years.

Similarly, for whatever reason, people seem to register one of the White House’s phone number in most loyalty programs I come across. This may be a bit harder to memorize, but just for the sake of science: 2024561414.

Check out how much I was able to save at the pump at an unfamiliar gas station when I used the White House’s phone number.

easy money hacks

Easy Money Hack #2 – Compound Interest

It’s a fallacy, or at least unproven rumor, that Einstein once commented compound interest is one of the most powerful forces in the universe.

However, the gravity of the statement still holds it’s weight. (You could justify my murder in court with that line).

In 2019, the average bank interest rate for checking accounts in the US was 0.09%. (Source)

While that doesn’t spark much joy, fear not. There are a select few online savings accounts which offer yields 20x + that of traditional savings accounts.

I’d recommend you check out savings accounts from CIT and Marcus, both of which offer some of the most competitive savings in the industry, which float between 1.30%-2.00% (2019/2020), and often adjust monthly to meet current competitive rates.

Easy Money Hack #3 – Discount Gift Cards

Discount Gift Cards. Great for saving a couple bucks at most every major online retailer.

Checkout Saver also provides gift cards at checkout, cheaper than face value so you can save money, and it automatically inserts it into the page. Before, it would take a long time to get gift cards emailed to you, now it’s instantly provided when you need it at a better deal.


Our browser extension will automatically alert you at checkout if a discounted gift card is available, and can charge you + autofill the gift card details into the checkout page.

We even have a full page write up on this process, and the signup form grants you a $5 bonus unlocked when you earn your first cashback.

Easy Money Hack #4 – Credit Card Cashback

Everyone is familiar with Credit Card Cashback, but it’s important to give it it’s own recognition and to separate it from Affiliate Cashback.

I also wanted to pay it special attention because for many many years I never wanted to pay anything on credit, and always used cash or a debit card.

I eventually realized I was leaving literally thousands of dollars on the table, and I started to use credit cards to earn cashback – making certain to pay them off before the due date.

I’ve been using this card for roughly 5 years, and have saved nearly $1,000 per year.

Credit Card Cashback is simple and automatic. Just pay for your purchase with a credit card and get a % back in your credit card account.

I typically recommend the Citi Double Rewards card which essentially gives 2% back on every purchase.

It’s important to note this type of cashback can be stacked with the other methods below, such as Affiliate Cashback.

Easy Money Hack #5 – Affiliate Cashback

Most people are less familiar with affiliate cashback, but it’s quietly been saving people billions over the years. It’s pretty simple: retailers spend a lot of money on marketing, and some of that budget goes towards affiliate commissions – they pay other people to send them sales. Some affiliates send that commission back to YOU, the shopper!

Checkout Saver has partnered with hundreds of retailers, and when you use our links to check out, we get paid that affiliate commission, which we pass on to you (after taking a small commission).