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The Best Sites for Cheap Magazines.. And Don’t Forget Additional Cashback

Want the insider hookup on cheap magazines? Look no further. In this post I’ll show you ALL the ways you can save on magazines and how to even earn 30% cashback when you make a new subscription.

The following sites offer the most popular magazines at extremely competitive price points as is, but don’t forget cashback. Checkout Saver WILL PAY YOU additional cash when you purchase a magazine using one of our links. When we earn affiliate commission we pass the majority of that money back on to you (and keep a small % for ourselves to keep the lights on). So please, SUPPORT A SMALL BUSINESS and earn cashback when you buy cheap magazines!

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Magazines can be an unexpected source of joy, a monthly treat to look forward to, where you can kick your feet up and enjoy flipping pages – a treat in today’s technology-centered world.

We’re here to show you the secrets to ordering your favorite magazines, like People Magazine, National Geographic, Better Homes and Gardens, and more.

1. Magazine.Store – Up to 92% Off and 30% Cashback

Magazine.Store (Aka Meredith Magazines) offers all the top magazines you’d expect, like People, Allrecipes, and more, at amazing prices. A subscription to Better Homes & Gardens can come in at less than a $1 per issue.

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They also offer some of the initial best prices in the industry. We ran a comparison for a top magazine below, and Magazine.Store sold it for over $30 cheaper!

2. – Up to 37.50% Cashback

Here’s another fantastic magazine provider that we’ve also partnered with to pay you up to 37.50% Cashback when you make a purchase –

3. – 22.50% Cashback and Cheap Magazines

Their tag line almost says it all: “Save up to 90% plus FREE shipping on more than 750 Discount Magazine Subcriptions”.

What they left out, is you can even earn an additional 22.50% Cashback on any of your subscriptions at Magazineline.

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Which store offers the cheapest magazines?

We did a quick comparison of People Magazine, the 8th most popular magazine in the US, and the price difference at discount magazine stores was staggering.

There is definitely a better store than the rest of them.

Take a look at a very well-reputed magazine store – they state their discount is 62%, and for 54 issues you’ll only pay $123.66.

discount magazine

The price difference between that and our recommended store is a massive $34.56.

That’s right – just by shopping around a bit you can instantly save over thirty dollars! Here’s the proof:

cheap magazine

Want to know which store had the better price?

Meredith Magazine Store cashback offer

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Here’s How to Earn Cashback On Any Magazine Purchase

That People Magazine that you just ordered at a 71% discount, and instant savings of $34.56 by comparing prices, we’ll pay you an additional $26.73.

Sounds unbelievable, or there’s gotta be some serious strings attached, right? Well, there’s absolutely none. No gimmicks, no special requirements – we’ll literally pay you that much money for buying a magazine.

Let me explain – because we refer you to the retailer using an affiliate link, they send us commission for sending them a sale.

We turn around and pass almost all of that commission on to you (we keep a little bit to turn a profit and bring you these awesome opportunities). So that’s what’s in it for us – we get paid when you make a magazine purchase.

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Free Subscription Offers

There are actually many websites that offer “free” magazine subscriptions. I say “free” because there’s always an angle, but this is about as good as it gets.

The companies providing the free magazines make money if someone signs up to the ads they show you during the sign-up process. While you can get the magazines for free, you’ll have to wade through these ads, but in the end you’ll come out with magazines without paying a penny.

The Best Free Magazine Provider

There is one portal that stands out from all the others which provides easy access to many free magazine offers. That website is

Find Free Magazines at the Library

Libraries almost always keep a well stocked inventory of older magazines, available for free.

It doesn’t hurt to call and find out if they have any programs available for those in special need of magazines, to acquire the old ones as they are replaced by new magazines. This may particularly benefit schoolteachers and those trying to fill their waiting room with easy reading material.