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The Lululemon Professional Discount – Sweat Collective

I personally love Lululemon for their high-quality apparel that stays perfect for years, and though it’s worth the price, getting in on the Lululemon Professional Discount could save you some serious cash.

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The Sweat Collective is a members-only community for active teachers/coaches/leaders in various sports-related areas. There’s lots of perks, but one of the most important is 25% all Lululemon purchases – sale, no sale, online, in-store.

While we don’t have Lululemon as a partner to send you cashback, we do have 6% cashback at Gaiam, another amazing active wear company. I own about 6 pairs of their sweat pants and there’s nothing better.

Loosely, if you fit one of these groups and are actively teaching, you can apply here.

  • group instructors and personal trainers
  • professional athletes and coaches
  • elite amateur athletes and coaches
  • studio owners and managers
  • professional run club leaders
  • team trainers/team staff

Though they list it as a requirement, you don’t necessarily need a paying job as a sweat-warrior. Starting a local club or meetup with a following and regular schedule can be enough to get you that sweet 25% discount.

Not eligible for the Sweat Collective Professional Discount?

No worries, we’ve got you covered. Keep reading for all the inside secrets to save at Lululemon.

First, it may be worth checking out if you live near a Lululemon outlet store.

Lululemon Outlet Stores

There are currently 19 locations, and to get the most current list check out their store locations.

Buy Lululemon Gift Cards at a Discount

Did you know Lululemon is one of the most popular stores for discounted gift cards? Tons of people receive Lululemon gift cards every day, who would rather trade it in for cash.

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Four words to make you happy: “We made too much!”

Lululemon discounts both in-store and online merchandise at the beginning of every Thursday morning. If your an avid Lulu fan, you’ve probably seen their sale section already, called “We Made Too Much“.

Military Discount – 25%

It should come as no surprise that some of our nations hero’s dig Lulu apparel, and the 25% discount for military and first responders sweetens the deal.

The Lululemon military and first responder discount gets shoppers 25% off everything in the store, including markdowns. There are no exclusions or limits. 

Affiliate Cashback – 6%

Get up to 6% Cash Back for online purchases, sitewide. This deal exists every day when you shop through Checkout Saver or other platforms like RetailMeNot.

An additional 6% right to the bottom line, plus an additional 5% saved from a discount gift card can really make a difference on your Lululemon savings.

What about Coupons?

Sadly Lululemon isn’t too big on coupons, and it can be tough to get a working promo code. Still, it’s worth checking Checkout Saver or Retail Me Not to see if any codes are available.

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How do I apply the Lululemon discount?

Great question – because the lululemon sweat collective discount isn’t a promo code, lot’s of people wonder how to actually apply it to checkout.

It’s actually tied to your email address, so once you’ve joined the collective and have logged in the discount will automatically be applied.

Now you might be wondering how strict the sweat collective is…

The answer? Go for it. At the end of the day, Lululemon’s need and budget for influencers fluctuates and you’re never going to know if it’s not such a great time to apply or if it’s the perfect time.

You’re odds are definitely better with the larger following you have. It’s quite common for coaches of large sport teams to get accepted where a small running group may not, but it’s always worth the shot.