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Sell Your Coupons for Cash

Checkout Saver lets users connect to buy / sell coupons when they need them.

We’ve all been there. We try to find a coupon for a site we’ve never been to, and no luck (even with the hardcore coupon apps). Making it worse, when we receive the package there’s a coupon inside for the NEXT purchase, but it expires in a month! Wouldn’t it be great to have access to coupons you can’t find anywhere else, and be able to sell coupons you won’t use for cash?

Checkout Saver makes this possible, and it couldn’t be easier. Next time you come across a One Time Coupon, sell it on Checkout Saver. When someone buys it, they’ll save money and you’ll get paid!

Take a look at the following image. Now, you have a way to sell the code you’d get from something like that – for CASH!One Time Coupon

For buyers, you’ll have access to a rare breed of coupons that you won’t find anywhere else. Many coupons expire once after they are used, so good luck finding one online before anyone else. However, someone may be willing to sell it for a portion of your savings. With Checkout Saver, purchase and apply unique coupons at checkout and save money!

Our browser extension makes this process a breeze. You’ll simply get an alert at checkout if coupons are available. We’ll iterate through available public coupons first, and if we strike out we’ll offer you a reserve one-time use coupon you can purchase at an overall discount of your current checkout price!

How does selling a coupon work?

Once we’ve finished development, you’ll be able to sell coupon codes using your account. On the sell coupon page, you can select from our supported retailers. Then enter in the coupon details, such as the unique coupon code itself, the discount %, and it’s expiration date.

From there, we’ll verify the code and list it for sale. When a user with the browser extension visits the retailer, they’ll get a popup alerting them of an available paid coupon. The buyer will see a breakdown of how much the coupon will save them. IE if cart is $200 and the coupon is 10%, they’ll save $20 (minus how much they pay for the coupon)

How much can I sell coupons for?

Coupon pricing is dependent on the purchasing user’s subtotal. Larger subtotals mean bigger discounts, and the more potential money you stand to make from selling your coupon. Checkout Saver handles this process automatically, and it works like this:

You’ve received a unique coupon code from and you list it for sale on checkout saver.

Alice is making a $200 purchase at to get swole, and she’s also got the Checkout Saver browser extension installed.

The popup informs her a 10% coupon is available for purchase, and it’ll cost 5% of the total. Alice completes the purchase, paying $180 at ($200-10%coupon) and $10 at checkout saver for the coupon.

So Alice paid $10 for the coupon and saved $20 on the subtotal for a final savings of $10. Of that $10, Checkout Saver takes a small commission, and you’d walk away with $7.50.

Imagine selling coupon codes you received from purchases

Retailers include coupons all the time in the shipments they send your purchase in, or by email after the purchase is made. Typically, they’re trying to get you to make a repeat purchase… but you’ve already made your purchase and the coupon expires in a month!

Imagine selling dozens of those coupons for $2.50, $5, even $10 or $25 depending on how valuable the coupon is. Part of the excitement is not knowing how much you’ll save, which is based off how much money the buyer of the coupon saves using it.

If you provide a 20% off coupon and a user makes a $2,000 purchase, you could expect to make around $150!

What kinds of coupons can be sold?

Not every type of coupon can be sold, in fact, most can’t. We’re looking for unique coupon codes – ones with a unique code that looks like a secure password more than a savings code word like “Autumn”.

These types of codes are usually sent directly to the consumer, whereas public coupon codes are advertised on the site or at coupon websites.

Public Coupon Codes

Public Coupon Codes cannot be sold to Checkout Saver. These are codes like “FREESHIP” or “PRESIDENTSDAY” that can be used by many different customers. If you’re trying to sell a coupon code that’s found on other websites that won’t work. These types of coupons are awesome, because everyone can use them, and we love to provide these to users in our browser extension. But we only pay for unique, one-time use codes.

Examples of Public Coupon Codes

  • SAVE5

One Time Coupon Codes

Checkout Saver buys One Time Coupon Codes. These coupon codes resemble passwords in terms of complexity, and can only be used once. They are usually sent from a retailer as a thank you to a customer, or as a temptation to come back and make another purchase.

These codes typically carry a high value, like 10 or 20% off, and sometimes they can expire in a matter of weeks or months. When you can’t use it in that time frame remember to list it for sale on Checkout Saver. You’ll help someone save money, and you’ll get paid for providing the coupon.

Examples of One Time Coupon Codes

  • SCR10FV2SNY7
  • BLUE8148592
  • 12DEC8159243JOHN

Manufacturers Coupon Codes

The most common coupons, manufacturers coupons which are typically for a $ amount off a specific product, are not yet supported by Checkout Saver.

However, there are some fantastic marketplaces which you can sell these coupons at! For manufacturer coupon codes, sell them at The Happy Couponer Marketplace. For every other type of code, get the best rate at

When I sell a coupon, how do I get paid?

First you list your coupon, store credit, or other redeemable code for sale at Checkout Saver. Once someone is able to use it, we’ll pay you 85% of the face value.

This extremely high rate gets you the most amount of cash for your coupon, lets us take a very small profit to keep running, and lets the purchaser of the coupon save some money too.

Once the coupon is sold, we’ll deposit the cash into your Checkout Saver account. From there, you can withdraw via PayPal, or keep the cash in your balance.

Keeping it in your balance will let you use it in the future to buy discounted gift cards or coupons to save money down the road – the best option.

Install the Checkout Saver Browser Extension to Buy One-Time Coupons

The browser extension is the easiest and quickest way to save money at checkout. Simply install it and it will alert you at checkout if you can save money.

When you list your coupons for sale, this is how people will buy them! You should sign up to start taking advantage of both buying and selling coupons!

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