Sell Coupons for Cash
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Selling Coupons is a Great Way to Make Money

Enable Extra Savings with the ability to Buy Coupons using the Checkout Saver Browser Extension.
In addition to free, publicly available coupons, Checkout Saver lets you buy coupons that other members are selling. If they can't use a high-yield, one-time use coupon they'll sell it to you, and in return you'll save even more money when you apply the coupon at checkout.

Rethinking Coupon Selling

You can occasionally sell coupons on eBay, or forums, but the time it takes practically defeats the point.

What if there was a platform dedicated towards selling coupons, with a user base fanatical about buying exclusive coupons to get the best discount?

Sell One Time Coupons

We'll pay you cash for coupons. They've gotta be exclusive, one-time use coupons which can be used online.

Get Paid for Unwanted Coupons

Checkout Saver lets you sell coupons for cash, and deposits the money when the coupon sells (Coming Soon).

Huge Payouts for % Off Coupons

You can sell coupons for $5 typically, but if you have a % off coupon we'll pay you a percentage of what the buyer saves. So say you have a 20% off coupon and you sell it to someone with a $500 order, you may earn up to 10% or $50!.

Sell Regular Coupons Too!

If you find a public-use coupon we don't have yet, we'll pay you $5 for sharing it to help everyone save - name another platform that dedicated to helping so many people save and make money.



Selling coupons could bring in a substantial amount of side-income. If you took the time to collect coupons in the mail, or were diligent about selling the ones you receive when you make a purchase, you could add hundreds of dollars of income to your bottom line.
What type of coupons can you sell? Only unique, one-time use coupons. These are one's you'd never find available for free, as the first time they are used they no longer work. For such exclusive coupons, Checkout Saver allows you to sell coupons to users who can purchase them to save money.
Think selling coupons is just a fantastic way to line your pockets with money you'd otherwise throw away? Well you're absolutely right, but it's also altruistic - you'll be helping customers who can buy these coupons and save even more money than they pay for the coupon!

Here’s What our Members are Saying

"Great extension that works with a lot of stores! Super simple, it just pops up when I'm on a website it works with, click to activate and I'm saving money!"

Jessica W.


"Since privacy is important to me I appreciate their commitment to keeping my info mine. Super easy to use and really does save a lot of money."

Dan M.


"Love being able to save money effortlessly! Many of my favorite stores are listed and im already saving tons of money!"

Cristina B.




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