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How to Sell Store Credit Online

Lots of stores offer credit towards future purchases, but a many of us would rather just have cash. Checkout Saver is going to be the best place to sell store credit online.

This post is dedicated to selling store credit like Victoria Secret Pink Cash, gift cards, and other vouchers and forms of store credit.

Selling Store Credit Has Historically Been Difficult

Some options exist already for selling store credit you may have earned, but most options take a large portion of the money, or it’s a hassle to sell it.

For instance, you can sell some coupons and store credit codes on eBay but the guidelines are limiting. You can only sell 25 coupons per month, or $100 worth. If you exceed these limits eBay does what eBay does best…

Other options may lead you to forums, where you have to register an account, find someone interested in your coupon, and conduct a transaction which you’re not even sure will go through, and the whole process leaves you feeling like you could have put your time to better use.

Better Options..

Better options than eBay and Forums exist, of course, and before we get to the best one, let me show you THCM Marketplace. They allow you to buy and sell tons of manufacturers coupons online.

The Happy Couponer Marketplace has a fantastic assortment of coupons available for reasonable prices, and is great to both make some extra money on the side and save a little extra.

Now, this is a great option to sell manufacturer coupons…

But if you want to sell store credit, Checkout Saver is your huckleberry

We’ll pay you for any store credit you earn as part of a rewards program. Think of any retailer where you spend money and have a loyalty account (they’re usually free!) – if they send you your reward as a code – we’ll pay you for it.

We’re just getting started at this, and we need you to let us know what retailers you’d like us to support! Drop the dime and contact us here.

We’re trying to make this the best platform around to sell unwanted coupons and credits, and make them available to buyers who can purchase them to save money when they shop.

If you want to install the browser extension that’s the best way to get started and stay familiar with things as we start supporting hundreds of retailers that you can sell store credit to.

Upcoming Supported Retailers for Selling Store Credit

The requirements for support are primarily that the store must have a store credit program with an electronic code so it can be used online.

Stores like REI, which offer 10% back in the form of an annual dividend, are sadly not eligible as they do not have electronic codes you could share with someone.

  • Tractor Supply
  • Victoria’s Secret
  • Reebok
  • Nordstrom
  • PetSmart
  • Bed Bath & Beyond

Know of another retailer that would fit this model? Let us know!

Can I sell Gift Cards?

Gift cards are a hot commodity! We offer some of the best prices you can get for gift cards, and you can read more about it on this page:

Airline Miles?

We’re looking into it. We’d loooove to be able to support trading airline miles, which notoriously expire, as soon as possible! But we’re a small independent company, and we need your support to make these features a reality!

Please download the browser extension and support us so we can bring you even more amazing features!

When will I be able to sell my store credit online?

Very soon. Checkout Saver is an independent small business and even you reading this sentence is a huge help for the business. The more support we have, the sooner we’ll be able to introduce store credit selling/buying. Right now, you should be able to sell store credit online by Q4 2021.