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1. Cashback

By shopping with Checkout Saver, you can receive cashback when you shop online. Checkout Saver has established affiliate relationships with thousands of retailers to drive them traffic. When you click through to a merchant, you use Checkout Saver's affiliate link. This way, your purchase is tracked and Checkout Saver receives commission for the sale, which we pass on to you! 

2. Discount Gift Cards

Gift cards are often sold or traded at a price lower than their store value. Many people prefer cash, and sell their gift cards to sites like Checkout Saver at a discount. While many sites take 12%+ commission, Checkout Saver takes a significantly smaller percentage, resulting in the best prices for cards online. From there, Checkout Saver offers the cards to users at checkout. The browser extension alerts a user that has arrived on a supported checkout page, like, and an alert notifies the user they can purchase and apply a gift card to the transaction. If a card is worth $50 and is purchased for $45, the user saves $5. 

3. Can I use my phone with Checkout Saver?

The Checkout Saver Chrome Extension is only supported on desktop computers, but you can still access the cashback functionality of Checkout Saver! 

To earn cashback from your phone, use the Cash Back Portal on the website by searching your favorite retailer and clicking "Activate Cashback". You'll then be redirected to the retailer and when you make a purchase you'll be eligible for cashback. 

Unfortunately, coupons and gift cards are unavailable on mobile devices at this time - that's all handled by the extension.

But don't worry - we'll be hard at work developing a mobile application so you can start saving on the go! 



1. How do I earn cashback?

Earning cashback is easy. Simply use our cash back portal to find your retailer and click the link to be redirected to the store using our cashback link. 

When you use our links, we earn affiliate commission when you make a purchase, which we pass the majority on to you as cash back. 

You can also install the Checkout Saver Extension to automate the process. Instead of coming to Checkout Saver first, simply shop normally and the extension will pop up to alert you when you land on a supported retailer's site. 

2. How long does it take for cashback to show up in my Checkout Saver account?

The cashback process is lengthy, and I unfortunately have no way to speed it up. We pay you as soon as the merchant pays us (same day), but that process can still take up to 45 days (usually sooner). 

We begin tracking the cashback either same day or within a few days of your purchase - again we wait for the merchant to confirm and alert you as soon as they do. We'll keep a close eye on your cashback during this process - we get so excited to save you money! 

3. How do I cash out and get paid for my cashback?

Checkout Saver offers a number of convenient options to withdraw your cashback. 

Once you've earned at least $10, you can withdraw via:

  • Gift Card
  • PayPal
  • Bitcoin (Coming Soon)

Gift Cards

1. What are Discount Gift Cards?

Discount Gift Cards are Gift Cards which are available for purchase at a price less than face value. For instance, a $20 Target Gift Card available for $15 would be a discounted gift card. 

Checkout Saver offers such cards available for sale through our browser extension

2. How can I purchase a discount gift card?

You can purchase a discount gift card using the Checkout Saver Chrome Extension. When you're using Chrome to browse the internet, the extension will pop up to alert you if a discount gift card is available for purchase when you arrive at a supported retailer. Alternatively, you can search for cards using the search functionality within the extension. Currently we do not support purchasing cards on the website itself. 

The recommended payment option to purchase a discount gift card is from your account balance, funded by earning cash back. We also support PayPal and credit cards for payment. 

Once you purchase a card the information will be presented in the extension interface to copy and paste directly into the checkout page. We'll also email you the details and store them in your account for future reference. 


1. Where can I find coupons for my favorite store?

Checkout Saver offers coupons available through the browser extension. We curate a list of the most reliable coupons for thousands of merchants to provide you with the most effective coupons possible.  

We're also the first provider of One-Time Coupons (Coming Soon).