Once you've earned $10 you can withdraw your funds from Checkout Saver immediately, in a variety of ways. 

We offer PayPal and Gift Cards as withdrawal options. Once you've earned $10 in cashback, you can withdraw funds instantly and securely to your PayPal account.

Checkout Saver Withdrawal

We also offer a variety of gift cards for you to redeem your Checkout Saver balance for.

Simply choose the card you'd like to receive and select the denomination, and we'll purchase and email you an E-Gift Card for that amount! 

Gift Card Withdrawal Options

You can also use your Checkout Saver account balance to get access to discount gift cards right at checkout! To do this, simply accumulate cashback by shopping at partnered retailers. Once you have $10, we'll begin offering you gift cards you can apply at checkout, for less than face value! For instance, if you were checkout at a partner like and had $10 in your account balance, we may offer you a $10 Nike gift card for $8, and you can save an additional $2, while cashing out $8 from your Checkout Saver account balance!