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When you sell Bath & Body Works gift cards to Checkout Saver you're not just getting a better deal than anywhere else. You're helping someone else save money and you're supporting a small business. We have the best rates, lowest fees, and outstanding customer support. Thank you for supporting the people's platform.
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Use the Bath & Body Works balance checker to verify the balance of the gift card, then sell your Bath & Body Works gift card on Checkout Saver!

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How long until I get paid?

We pay you immediately once your card is sold. Cards are usually processed in less than 48 hours.


What are the seller fees?

There are no seller fees other than what's listed up front - enter your card information and we'll calculate how much you'll earn. That's it - no hidden fees. We typically pay the highest rate in the industry - 85%!

Can I sell physical gift cards?

All gift cards must be e-gift cards or have a code that can be used online. Gift cards that can only be used in stores are not accepted - Checkout Saver only works online... for now.

Can I sell Bath & Body Works gift cards for PayPal?

Yes, you can sell Bath & Body Works gift cards and withdraw via PayPal. We have other withdrawal options available as well such as selling your gift card and withdrawing for a check or other gift card.

How long until I get paid?

The cash from your gift card sale will appear in your account immediately after the card sells to a customer. This can take some time as we're a small business and still growing our following - please be prepared to have your card listed a little while before it sells.

Are there withdrawal fees?

No! Checkout Saver doesn't rip off it's customers, we eat all the fees when you withdraw your hard earned cash. We've got your back!

Can I sell Bath & Body Works gift cards for Bitcoin?

Almost! We're going to introduce selling gift cards for cryptocurrency very soon, but please support us in the mean time and list your cards to get paid by PayPal in the mean time.

Why should I sell gift cards on Checkout Saver?

Because you're awesome, and we're awesome. Every single card you list makes a huge difference to a small business, and our rates and customer service are the best in the industry. Please give us a chance to save with you! 

How long does it take to sell my gift card?

The time can vary from a few hours to a few weeks. Since Checkout Saver is a small business, it'll take some time before a consumer purchases your card and you get paid.

About Checkout Saver

Checkout Saver is a small company in the USA with a dream to save millions of people billions of dollars. It's currently a very small business that needs your support to survive and grow. In return, we'll save you more money than you ever thought possible. When you sell your gift cards to us you'll earn a flat 85% for the card - most other companies take that just in fees before you even list the card at a discount!

Gift card selling and buying is a different experience at Checkout Saver. We have zero tolerance for fraud and our patent pending system actually eliminates some types of fraud from occurring. We test every card we buy and sell to ensure sellers and buyers are treated fairly. We're up and coming and more stores are being added all the time - let us know if there's a store you'd like to see added!


We guarantee all gift cards bought and sold for 3 years. We want to make sure you have a great experience using Checkout Saver and will make sure you are treated fairly. Sellers take confidence in listing their cards here which pays them top dollar for their cards, allowing them to take a cash alternative rather than being forced to shop at the store.