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Earn AliExpress Cashback

Use our Cashback Portal to visit stores using our affiliate link. Make a purchase and we'll pass along cashback from the retailer to your Checkout Saver account. Withdraw funds via gift card or PayPal

You can start saving today at AliExpress by Alibaba.com using Cashback. Soon, we'll have AliExpress by Alibaba.com coupons and gift cards as well!


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Click Activate Cashback to visit retailer.



Cashback Deposited to Your Checkout Saver Account.



Make a purchase as normal.


Earn AliExpress Cashback

AliExpress is the ultimate online shopping destination to explore the latest electronics, fashion, phone accessories, computer peripherals, toys, and much more. Backed by more than 70,000 suppliers and manufacturers, AliExpress boasts of a massive inventory covering a wide range of products in ca... Read More

Cashback FAQ

How much cashback can I earn at AliExpress by Alibaba.com?

You can earn up to 3.00% at AliExpress by Alibaba.com. You'll earn a percentage of your purchase back in the form of cashback deposited directly to your Checkout Saver account. There are no limits to how much cashback you can earn.

How do I enable cashback?

Enabling cashback is easy. Simply click 'Activate Cashback' and a new tab will open with the cashback link to your store. Once that happens you just shop normally and your cashback will automatically be tracked to your Checkout Saver account.

Are there limits on how much cashback I can earn?

No! Unlike credit card cashback, where you may be limited to say $600 per category, there is no limit to how much cashback you can earn when using Checkout Saver! Occasionally some items won't be eligible for cashback - a common one is purchasing Gift Cards, but there may be other minor exceptions. Generally, you'll earn cashback on anything you purchase.

Does it cost anything to earn cashback at AliExpress by Alibaba.com?

It's absolutely free. Just sign up for a free Checkout Saver account so we can keep track of your cashback and you'll never pay a dime - just sweet, sweet cashback.

Where does the money for cashback come from?

Ecommerce is a competitive market, and retailers spend billions trying to attract customers. One of the most efficient, profitable ways is for the store to pay affiliates for sending sales their way. Checkout Saver has partnered with thousands of stores and when we send you as a customer we get paid and pass the majority of that cash back to you!

When will I receive my cashback?

Cashback is typically released around 8 weeks after your purchase. It's a lengthy process, but you just set it and forget it - we'll notify you once the cashback has been deposited to your account.

How can I withdraw the cashback I earn?

Once you've earned $10 you can withdraw cashback to your PayPal account or as a gift card to your favorite store. Soon we'll even support cryptocurrency so you can earn Bitcoin with your cashback!

Is there a catch to earning cashback?

No! It's free, simple, and easy - it just takes a little time. We don't sell your information or anything like that, you just sign up for a free account, activate cashback before you shop, and we'll deposit any cashback you earn right to your Checkout Saver account.

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Other Terms & Conditions

AliExpress offers uniform commission on all their categories, meaning you'll earn the same 3% on everything you buy at AliExpress. They do have some limitations on items which can earn cashback, but it's unlikely you'll fall into those categories - like no cashback on items shipped to Azerbaijan. 

We've personally earned lots of cashback from AliExpress on pretty much anything you can imagine, from small $5 orders to large purchases. If they sell gift cards I'd be surprised if cashback is supported for those - typically they aren't but I haven't seen any related restrictions in the terms. 

Like all cashback, it's required that you make a "Qualified Sale". Customer’s Qualified Sales means payment for the purchase and buyer confirms delivery after escrow service. Essentially, make a real purchase and you'll get cashback. If you pay with an invalid credit card, return items, or the transaction is never completed no cashback will be paid out.

Products from merchants based in Spain and Russia products will not be commissionable. Products shipping to Armenia, Azerbaijan, The Republic of Belarus, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan will not be commissioned on.