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Use our cashback system to visit retailers using our affiliate link. Make a purchase, and we'll pass along commission from the retailer. Withdraw funds via gift card or PayPal. You can start saving today at using Casback. Soon, we'll have coupons and gift cards as well!


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Learn More About Saving With Cashback at Macy's

Macy's is iconic. Maybe you know them from their magazine, or their parade, or their fashion lines, but everyone is familiar with Macy's. But not everyone knows how to save using cashback and coupons at Macy's like you do. You know that the best place to earn cashback at Macy's is with Checkout Save... Read More

Other Terms & Conditions

It's not always gravy in savings land; there are some terms and limits when it comes to earning cashback at Here are some of the restrictions they have in place:

- No cashback is paid when "Product Category ID 2 is on the list Apple Products"

- No cashback is paid when "Product Category ID 2 is on the list Leased Products"

- No cashback is earned when "Product Category ID 3 is on the list Big Ticket"

So basically you're going to earn cashback at Macy's on pretty much everything except Apple products, things you rent, and maybe some really unique big ticket items. Other than that, rake in the savings by using our cashback service! 

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The Fine Print

Some items like gift cards may not earn cashback Prosess Typically takes 4-8 weeks before earnings are deposited to your CS account

  To credit your account with the sale, tracking cookies

  No tricks here- We get paid when you get paid

  Never sell your data- Independent small business


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