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Use our Cashback Portal to visit stores using our affiliate link. Make a purchase and we'll pass along cashback from the retailer to your Checkout Saver account. Withdraw funds via gift card or PayPal

You can start saving today at Monoprice.com using Cashback. Soon, we'll have Monoprice.com coupons and gift cards as well!


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Make a purchase as normal.


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I personally love the Monoprice Maker Ultimate printers, and saving a little extra on them and filament is so easy with monoprice cashback. I've worked hard so Checkout Saver can keep a little extra in your pocket for all your maker needs. Let's face it - electronic hobbies are pretty dan... Read More


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Other Terms & Conditions

Alright here's the scoop - Monoprice offers cashback for all returning/existing users and cashback link clicks will track of your next order within 7 days. New customers to Monoprice will earn the same amount (Typically 1.5% cashback.) They do have a list of Non-Commissionable (cashbackable) items, but at the time of this writing only 12 items were on the list (of their tens of thousands of inventory) all relating to healthcare products / COVID-19 related stuff like KN95 masks and hand sanitizer. SO - basically everything at Monoprice is eligible for cashback!